Free Cell Phones for Seniors

A lot of senior citizens like me live off social security income and Medicaid. For me, that is the only source of income that I get. This makes life difficult to come by because the social security income is not much. I have rent and bills to pay and they are not getting cheaper. I try to save as much money as I can and will look for programs or deals that will help me. Recently, I found out about free cell phones for seniors that seemed very interesting.

I was surfing the internet for a cell phone when I happened upon the Safelink Wireless website. On the website, they were offering people up to 250 free monthly airtime minutes and a free cell phone. You may be wondering if there is a catch to all this. The catch is that you have to be considered income eligible by the government. So if you are already participating in programs like food stamps or Medicaid, you will have no problem getting into this program. Otherwise you would need to submit documentation proving your income. When you go to the Safelink website, the first thing they will ask is your zip code. Safelink is not offered everywhere in the U.S. yet so that is why they are asking for your zip code. This helps to determine whether their service is offered in your area. You can then fill out the application on their website. After you have sent in your application, you can check the status of it on the Safelink website. Each year that you plan on staying on the program, you will have to submit annual income verification. There is also another program called Assurance Wireless that offer a similiar program is Safelink Wireless is not available where your at.

Being able to have cell phones for senior citizens is really helpful to me. It allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends. And most importantly, I can keep in touch with my doctor and call emergency if the situation should come. This program is a definitely must have for the elderly.