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Free Cell Phone for the Disabled

A close friend of mine who has been unemployed for a while told me that he has been having trouble paying for his bills. Ever since his on the job accident, he has been living off of disability. Since disability barely pays anything, he has had to cancel some services like cable TV and internet. And due to the increasing cost of fuel and food, he has decided that he would have to cut his cell phone as well. I told him that I did not think it was a good idea to cut off his phone service because then nobody would be able to contact him. He would also have no way to contact anyone if he was in an emergency.

He told me there was nothing he could do because he had no money to pay for the cell phone service. So I recommended that he apply for free cell phones for disabled people. My friend would be able to get a free cell phone with some free minutes due to his low income. Since he’s considered to be living below the poverty level and probably meets the Income Poverty Guidelines, he should be able to qualify for this program. I told him to go to the Safelink website because that seems to be the most popular program that I know of.

Through Safelink wireless program he would be able to get a TracFone cell phone. He would not be subjected to a contract and would have no bills. The phones are all pre-paid. In addition to the free cell phone he would also get 250 free minutes each month. Once my friend was on the Safelink website, he filled out the application online and submitted it. After he submits the application, the state would contact him to verify his income level. If he is approved, the state would contact Safelink informing them that he qualifies.

Every since applying and receiving his free cell phone, my friend has been very happy with the service. After all it is free so there’s no much to complain about.

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