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Free Cell Phone for Medicaid Recipients

Medicaid is a health program in the U.S. that benefits certain types of people. For those on Medicaid, your health care would be paid mostly by the government. The types of people that qualify for this program are low income adults and their kids and people with disabilities.

A lot of people are unaware that you could get a free cell phone if you are a Medicaid recipient. Under the lifeline Assistance Program, you would be able to get a free cell phone along with free minutes. This program is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. There are several wireless companies that offer the free cell phones. One is Safelink Wireless and the other is Assurance Wireless. Typically, you would a free wireless phone plus 250 free voice and text minutes each month.

Most people that want to apply for a free cell phone must meet the total household income guidelines set in their particular state. However, if you already have Medicaid that means you already meet the income qualifications. To apply you would need to provide proof that you are on Medicaid. The free phone service program is not available in every state yet. You would have to call up the wireless company and check to see if there is service in your area. If one provider does not service your area, then check another provider. You can also go to the wireless company’s website and see which states are has this service.

Usually, there are restrictions to these free cell phone programs. For example, you are only allowed to have one cell phone per household and you must be living at the address that you provide. You will also have to certify that you are still eligible for the lifeline Assistance program every year. You can do this by showing proof that you are still in the Medicaid program.

The free cell phone program offers a certain amount of free minutes and text per month. If you wanted, you could add more minutes and text to your plan. Of course, that would mean you would have to pay some money. For those that use the cell phone for emergency purposes only, the amount of free minutes that are offered should be sufficient. Since there is no contract involved in this program, you can cancel your service at any time. It is a great program for those who do not have phone service and really need to use one on occasion.

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